Thursday, September 23, 2010

La Croix at Shecky's

Lot of beverage companies at Shecky's Girls Night Out including La
Croix which handed out recipes for skinny cocktails.

Lean Cuisine Photo Booth

Girlfriends having fun at the Lean Cuisine booth at Shecky's Girls
Night Out. They had boas, hats and handbags you could borrow for the
photo shoot. You got instant photos afterwards.

Budweiser at Shecky's Girls

They ran out of the sangria at the Budweiser booth so unable to sample.

Lean Cuisine Market Creations

Stouffer's Lean Cuisine had a huge booth with free samples of its new
Market Creations frozen entree (garlic chicken),designer plates, and a
photo booth. This was my dinner last night so I went back 3 times!

Bezzerwizzer at Shecky's

I played a new game betterwizzer at Shecky's - it was fun. It's kind
of like Trivial Pursuit with different categories including food (eg,
Q: what food is associated with tarte tatin? A: Apple), geography,
politics. Not sure if the PR woman from Mattel (Rachel?) was letting
me win but I was good!

Lindt at Shecky's

Lindt booth offered sampled of dark chocolate and chocolate with sea

Budweiser Beer Tasting

Women waiting to taste beer and food at the Budweiser booth at
Shecky's Girls Night Out.

X Rated Liqueur at Shecky's

They ran out of X Rated Liqueur last night so couldn't try it.

Bacardi at Shecky's

Line was long to get mojitos and daiquiri at the Bacardi booth last