Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mrs Smiths Diaper Bag

If you have a friend/relative who is a new mom and struggling to stay
organized, you may want to recommend a Mrs Smith's diaper bag. The
bags offer multiple compartments including a pull-out drawer for baby
foods & spoons & bib, insulated pockets for baby formula bottles/sippy
cups, a space for an Epipen for those of who have children with
allergies, a diaper pad, and plenty of space to pack diapers, baby's
change of clothing and toys topped with a Velcro flap-cover.

Have used it in a variety of situations - trip to the mall, bus trip
to Walmart, dinner at friend's house. And, keeps me organized every
time! My Exotic Zebra bag was $74.99 from

Julianne at Nordstrom Oakbrook

Julianne ("Jules"), beauty editor for Nordstrom, welcomes the audience
to the Nordstrom Oakbrook cosmetics trend show. She's playing the
"Price Is Right" game with attendee from LA - just won an Anastasia
brow kit and a serum.

Nordstrom Beauty Gift Bag

Here's the gift for attending this morning's Notfstrom Oakbrook
cosmetics tren show - a black patent leather bag with fragrance
samples and a bottle of water. Now in line for coffee and breakfast.

Nordstrom Cosmetics Show Line

It's 7:16am on a Saturday morning and a lot of women are waiting
outside to get into the Nordstrom Oakbrook cosmetics trend show. As
usual, guest speakers, commentary from Jules, gifts with purchase,
light breakfast and coffee.