Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shoppes at The Palazzo

Barneys New York is here. Flowers smell wonderful. Lots of people
taking photos.

Sony 3D World

Pretty cool watching 3D TV at MGM.

Best Buy Vending

I'm on my way to shop as a reward for giving my US beauty
opportunities presentation at Cosmoprof North America. It went well
despite technical difficulties. But the audience of 120 had a lot of
quex and was very engaged. This vending machine is at entrance of tram
station at Mandalay Bay. Just took tram from MB to Excalibur.

Barista Line at Cosmoprof

The body and hair line contains coffee.

Belvada Mascara at Cosmoprof

Unique brush stays inside tube so it never dries up or clump.

From Cosmoprof Lobby

At Cosmoprof

Here's me in front of the conference sign.

Mandalay Bay Aquarium

Here I am in front of the lobby aquarium. Huge crowds - about 80
people waiting to checking. No business center here - just self-serve
kiosks where you can print. Didn't see memory stick slot so used
so I could print my speaker notes. Go on stage in less than 4 hours!