Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Teen Beauty at Ulta

Ulta is adding more products for teens. The other day I saw displays of Bella Boo natural teen skin care line. Had never seen this line before. Below Bella Boo is the geoGIRL color cosmetics line that had its debut at Walmart stores. GeoGIRL uses recyclable packaging and ingredients such as chamomile, cucumber, ginseng, and she's butter. You can see the QR code at the bottom right of the display.

Behind this display you can see a glimpse of Burt's Bees gud line of fragranced natural bath, body, and hair products. Given the youth-targeted nature of the line, gud features QR codes on the back of its bottles where teens can get more info about the brand.

NYX Dark Shadows Palette

NYX Cosmetics has introduced a limited-edition Crimson Amulet Collection palette inspired by the May 11 launch of "Dark Shadows". The movie from Tim Burton stars Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Helena Bonham Carter.

The palette contains 24 eye shadows, 4 lip colors, 4 blushes, and more. Inside the palette are photos of three actresses from the movie and how to achieve those looks.

I found this for $25 at Ulta.