Monday, May 24, 2010

Social Media at Restaurant Show

Billy Dec (CEO of Rockit Ranch Productions), Steve Dolinsky (ABC Food
reporter "The Hungry Hound"), Richard Roeper (columnist, former co-
host "Ebert & Roeper"), and Alpana Singh (master sommelier and host of
"Check, Please") speaking at the National Restaurant Show.

Panel: Learn how to leverage your product or brand through personal
relationships, traditional media, social networking & celebrity.

Billy: Social media: This is the new way to communicate. I encourage
all my employees to post about Rockit on their social media platforms.

Alpana: Facebook is for your friends. Twitter is for people you want
to become friends with. In January someone stole my credit card
through Facebook...just went back on it.

Steve:I spend an hour to hour and half daily on blogging. Today's
journalism students don't know how to write.

Richard: All my videos including YouTube link back to my website so it
makes money.

At the Restaurant Show

Am at the National Restaurant Association Show at Chicago's McCormick
Place. Looking forward to many lectures, celebrity chef appearances,
and French fries today and tomorrow.