Monday, May 24, 2010

Social Media at Restaurant Show

Billy Dec (CEO of Rockit Ranch Productions), Steve Dolinsky (ABC Food
reporter "The Hungry Hound"), Richard Roeper (columnist, former co-
host "Ebert & Roeper"), and Alpana Singh (master sommelier and host of
"Check, Please") speaking at the National Restaurant Show.

Panel: Learn how to leverage your product or brand through personal
relationships, traditional media, social networking & celebrity.

Billy: Social media: This is the new way to communicate. I encourage
all my employees to post about Rockit on their social media platforms.

Alpana: Facebook is for your friends. Twitter is for people you want
to become friends with. In January someone stole my credit card
through Facebook...just went back on it.

Steve:I spend an hour to hour and half daily on blogging. Today's
journalism students don't know how to write.

Richard: All my videos including YouTube link back to my website so it
makes money.

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