Monday, May 17, 2010

MORE Gift Bag

Here is the gift bag from the MORE Reinvention Convention along with
gifts from exhibitors. A chocolate cupcake from morecupcakes was also
handed out.

Race for the Cure

Ambassador Nancy Goodman Brinker talked about the promise she made to
her late sister Susan to cure breast cancer. She started the Susan G.
Komen for the Cure foundation in 1981 with $200 after her sister died
in 1980 at the age of 36.

She said that "35 years ago cancer was the big C. People thought it
was contagious, no support groups....The day I saw people cross the
street to avoid my sister, my heart was seared."

Nancy spoke about the power of one: "power that each person has to
make a difference."

Today Susan G. Komen for the Cure is the world's largest breast
cancer organization and a pioneer in cause marketing.

How to Master Social Media

Julia Angwin, technology editor and columnist at the Wall Street
Journal, called social media "a public conversation".

She spoke of how she did a makeover of her Google results because she
wanted to have her book Stealing myspace come up first in the results.

Julia gave Pistachio and GaryVee as successful examples of how to
build your brand using Twitter.

Beautiful Skin at Any Age

Doctors Julia Marshall and Amy Derick,
Celebrity makeup artist Tim Quinn of Giorgio Armani Cosmetics, and
MORE beauty director Genevieve Monsma shared skincare and makeup tips
at MORE Reinvention Convention.

Some tips:
-see a dermatologist once a year because skin cancer is on the rise
-use a sunscreen and lots of it: about a shotglass worth for the whole
-use Rx retinol and antioxidant serum
-use primer so makeup doesn't settle into pores and lines
-use cream blush instead of powder
-use a foundation brush
-be careful of shimmer and cream eyeshadows to avoid creasing
-avoid heavy dark lips as well as grayish nude lip. Instead, look for
a sheer lip formula similar to your lip tone.

Self Workout in Park Chicago

Another photo of women working out.

Fight Fat After Forty

Dr. Pamela Peeke spoke about top 10 rules to minimize your menopot
(manopot for older men) at MORE Reinvention Convention. Her tips:
learn to plan, eat more lean protein, incorporate more healthy fats
(nuts, avocado, olive oil), control carbs, lighten up dinner.

Her list of 12 menopot minimizing foods includes oatmeal, egg whites,
protein powder, berries. She had a 3 egg white omelet with 4 veggies
for breakfast. She also loves Greek yogurt (high protein content)
with blueberries (very low glycemic index).

Giorgio Armani's Tim Quinn

Celebrity makeup artist Tim Quinn who works for Giorgio Armani
Cosmetics is scheduled to speak later today at the MORE Reinvention
Convention on "Beautiful Skin at Any Age". Here he is at their booth
where women are getting mini-makeovers.

Dara Torres at MORE Reinvention

12-time Olympian Dara Torres just finished speaking about her amazing
comeback after a 7 year break from training to win 3 silver medals at
the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Decided to go back to swimming after throwing up with morning
sickness on the stairmaster when she was 6-8 weeks pregnant with her
daughter. She joined a master's swim group. One thing led to another
and she ended up going to the 2008 Olympics.

"Age is really just a number. When you dive into the pool the water
doesn't know how old you are. You don't put an age limit to your