Friday, July 23, 2010

At StyleChicago Modern Beauty

My mother-in-law Jan and I attended's Modern Beauty
Girls Night. We feasted on delicious hors d'oeuvres from The Ambrosia
Experience ( and W Chicago - City Center.

The Ambrosia Experience offered up delicious shrimp on skewers,
guacamole and salsa on some type of pastry she'll, chicken on skewers,
and a chocolate ginger cake that people were raving about. The chef/
owner was saying that his establishment located somewhere around 3000
W Chicago gets men out of trouble (eg, the man who gets a flat screen
TV for his wife's birthday) because it offers an intimate romantic

The W provided shredded pork on a thin slice of bread, beef
tenderloin, and a unique goat cheese appetizer. It consisted of goat
cheese that looked like tofu squares, drizzled with an orange soy
sauce, and topped with one piece of granola served once in a small
white porcelain spoon and the other times on a flatbread.

Two UV cocktails (sweet green tea?), wine (don't remember the brand),
Smartwater, and Fuze beverages were served at the event. Because the
event wasn't sold out (at 12pm yesterday), Jan and I were able to fill
up on hors d'oeuvres and skip dinner. I've been to a number of similar
events, and they run out of food after 30 minutes - not the case here.

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